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Surfaces and Essences
Douglas Hofstadter
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Edward R Tufte
Theory of Semiotics
Umberto Eco
..". the greatest contribution to [semiotics] since the pioneering work of C. S. Peirce and Charles Morris." --Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism..". draws on philosophy, linguistics, sociology, anthropology and aesthetics and refers to a wide range of scholarship... raises many fascinating questions." --Language in Society..". a major...
Edward O Wilson
Argues for the fundamental unity of all knowledge and the need to search for "consilience": the composition of the principles governing every branch of learning. The author shows how our rise in intellectual mastery is rooted in an ancient Greek concept at its zenith during the Enlightenment.PRIZES:Shortlisted for Rhone Poulenc General Prize for...
Networks and Knowledge in "Roget's Thesaurus"
Werner Hullen
In this book Werner Hullen discusses the influence of Roget's Thesaurus abroad (Germany and the Romance countries) and examines how the Thesaurus prepared the way for the more recent idea of network semantics. He concludes by considering the role of synonymy in language from a perspective of cognitive linguistics. IllustrationsIn this book Werner...
Information is Beautiful
David McCandless
A visual guide to how the world really works, through stunning infographics and data visualisations, thoroughly revised, recalculated and reimagined for this new edition. (colour illus throughout)A visual guide to how the world really works, through stunning infographics and data visualisations, thoroughly revised, recalculated and reimagined for...
David Bownes
In 2013 London Underground, the world's first underground railway, marks its 150th anniversary. This illustrated history is the official anniversary publication of the London Underground, drawing on various sources and images to celebrate the crucial role of the tube in the creation and everyday life of modern London. illIn 2013 London Underground...
Envisioning Information
Edward R Tufte
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his seminal work in psychology challenging the rational model of judgment and decision making, is one of the world's most important thinkers. His ideas have had a profound impact on many fields-including business, medicine, and politics-but until now, he has never brought...
Beautiful Evidence
Edward R Tufte
London Underground by Design
Mark Ovenden
Beginning in the pioneering Victorian age, the author charts the evolution of architecture, branding, typeface, map design, interior and textile styles, posters, signage and graphic design and how these came together to shape the Underground's identity, and the character of London itself. illustrationsLondon Underground By Design is the...



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