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A miniature theme park revisited
European Studies
Aarhus Universitet (AU)
The Miniatürk Park located on the Northeast bank of the Golden Horn in İstanbul, is a miniature theme park showcasing historical buildings and monuments from Antiquity to the present day. Through a mixture of observational study, semi-structured interview techniques and visual and textual analysis, the parks symbolic language will be...
BA i Historie og Europastudier
Aarhus Universitet (AU)
Abstract In the 1980’s, Serbia along with the other republics and autonomous provinces of Yugoslavia, began to resuscitate their national history and myths. This, along with certain incidents in Kosovo, made the battle of Kosovo Polje fought against the Ottoman Empire in 1389 relevant in Serbia again. This battle had been transformed into an...
Morality and Western attitudes towards entomophagy
Aarhus Universitet (AU)
Entomophagy, human consumption of insects as food, has throughout history been practiced in almost every corner of the globe. (Morris 2004: 49)  It has, however, played the most noticeable part in diets in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The reasons for why entomophagy has been most prominently practiced in these corners of the world are many...
a complicated relationship
International and Global History
Aarhus Universitet (AU)
Introduction In much literature dealing with the question of the Scandinavian[1] countries relationship to European integration, it has frequently been characterized as one of reservation or reluctance....
International Studies
Aarhus Universitet (AU)
Since 1945 the concept of state sovereignty has been challenged extensively in international relations by developments in the areas of international law and human rights. Before 1945 the main institution regulating international relations, was the idea that the affairs of individuals in a state was, but for a few exceptions, solely the matter...
an analysis of the challenges to European integration and the debate about the future of EU...
Cand. Mag. i Europastudier
Aarhus Universitet (AU)
During the first decade of the 21st century the EU has undergone considerable changes and met numerous new challenges. The big bang enlargement of 2004 altered the size and composition of the EU institutions and added to the heterogeneousness of the union. Since the beginning of the 1990’s, euroscepticism has been rising in Europe and the...



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