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Akademisk CV
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A Study of EU-Liberia Relations
Internationale Udviklingsstudier
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
In this thesis I have investigated the concept of 'political partnership' as a way of describing relations between the European Union and the ACP countries (Africa, Carribean and Pacific countries). The EU's political partnerships on the one hand aim to create an equal relation between the EU and the ACP countries, and on the other, hold the...
A path towards a common future?
EU Studies
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
Increased confidence or increased skepticism?
Development Studies
Lunds Universitet (SE)
There has within recent years been an increasing tendency to focus on the state as the key provider of ‘development’ in the Third World. This tendency is seen in an increased responsibility given to developing country governments from their Western donors, where budget support and long-term planning has seen a revival, and an increased focus on...
Et studie af politiske reformer i Nigeria
Internationale Udviklingsstudier
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
Nye perspektiver for det danske arbejdsmarked
Offentlig Administration
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
En analyse af EU's sikkerhedsidentitet
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
Frihed og sikkerhed i risikosamfundet
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
Et Irak-perspektiv
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
En analyse af magtforholdene mellem krisens aktører
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
Tags: Magt, Ogonikrisen, Nigeria,...
Om eksklusion, tilgivelse og politik i Sydafrikas sandheds- og forsoningskommission
Københavns Universitet (KU)
Efter årtier med raceadskillelse under apartheid-styret, forsøgte Sydafrika i 1995 at genskabe sin nationale identitet. The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (SATRC) blev nedsat for, igennem offentlige høringer, at transformere det polariserede samfund til en harmonisk ’Rainbow Nation’. Processen fik stor international...
An inquiry into the essential elements of the Cotonou Agreement
Offentlig Administration
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
In the Cotonou Agreement between the EU and the ACP countries, it is established, on the one hand, that the ACP countries shall plan their own development strategies in all sovereignty, while on the other, this shall be done in due regard of the three essential elements of human rights, democratic principles, and the rule of law. This is the...


Political Analysis
Colin Hay
"Political Analysis" provides an accessible introduction to the analysis of political structures, institutions, ideas and behaviours and, above all, to the political processes through which they are constantly made and remade. Following an innovative introduction to the main approaches and concepts in political analysis, the text focuses...
Development, Security and Unending War
Mark R Duffield
This path-breaking book argues that development is not a way of bettering other people but of governing them. With examples drawn from Mozambique, Ethiopia and Afghanistan, the book analyses the NGO movement, humanitarian intervention, sustainable development, human security, fragile states, migration and the place of racism within development....
Hegemony and Socialist Strategy
Ernesto Laclau
Since its original publication fifteen years ago, this hugely influential book has been at the centre of much debate. The arguments and controversies it has been aroused are, furthermore, far from abating: the disintegration of the Soviet bloc, the emergence of new social and political identities linked to the transformation of late capitalism,...
The power of partnerships in global governance
Rita Abrahamsen
Alain Badiou
Alain Badiou, one of the most powerful voices in contemporary French philosophy, shows how our prevailing ethical principles serve ultimately to reinforce an ideology of the status quo and fail to provide a framework for an effective understanding of the concept of evil.
Human Rights As Politics and Idolatry
Michael Ignatieff
Michael Ignatieff draws on his extensive experience as a writer and commentator on world affairs to present a penetrating account of the successes, failures, and prospects of the human rights revolution. Based on the Tanner Lectures that Ignatieff delivered at Princeton University's Center for Human Values in 2000, the book includes two chapters...
Justice Beyond Borders
Simon Caney
Justice Beyond Borders examines which political principles should govern global politics. It explores the ethical issues that arise at the global level and addresses questions such as: Are there universal values? If so, what are they? What human rights, if any, are there? Are there global principles of distributive justice? Should there be a...
Diskursanalyse som teori og metode
Marianne Winther Jørgensen
Bogen giver en overordnet introduktion til den socialkonstruktionistiske diskursanalyse. Forfatterne kortlægger diskursanalysens videnskabsteoretiske præmisser og dens sammentænkning af humanistiske og samfundsvidenskabelige teorier om den sociale konstruktion af viden, identitet og samfund. Bogens hoveddel introducerer og vurderer tre centrale...
New Theories of Discourse: Laclau, Mouffe and Zizek
Jacob Torfing
The first comprehensive, broad ranging and accessible account of the contribution of discourse analysis to social and political theory. Comprised of a large number of relatively short chapters, each has been specifically designed to form the basis of a weeks reading at a time.



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