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- en undersøgelse af selvet
Trine Juulsen (2016)
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)

This master-thesis examines the idea of the self. It examines what the idea of self potentially holds and stands for and what this idea of being a self means to the individual human being. This area of investigation is approached in the mixing of two subjects that this thesis represents; philosophy & science together with psychology.

En komparativ analyse af receptionen af den sociale robot Paro i Japan og Danmark
Cand.mag i Tværkulturelle Studier
Københavns Universitet (KU)

The main aim of this thesis is to discusses whether there is a difference in the reception of the social
robot Paro in Japan versus Denmark, and whether the discourses that surround robotics differ. Also,
the question of whether an emotional relation to a robot can be authentic will also be considered by

Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

This paper aims to critically examine the Carter administrations’ handling of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and the 444-day hostage crisis that lasted from November 4, 1979 until January 20, 1981, and discuss how these events have impacted Jimmy Carter’s image as president.

Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

This paper aims to illustrate the central importance of the monstrous in grotesque literature through a theoretical discussion of the relationship between the grotesque and the monstrous followed by a close reading of Katherine Dunn’s novel Geek Love (1989), Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Invisible Monsters (1999) and Angela Carter’s short story “The

Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

Flannery O’Connor has stated that “it is always assumed that this violence [in modern fiction] is a bad thing and meant to be an end in itself. With the serious writer, violence is never an end in itself”.

Andreas Aabo (2014)
Supply Chain Management
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)

The automotive industry is an oligopoly known for having huge economies of scale and therefore having high barriers to entry. This poster will tell the story of how Tesla Moters have entered the market for electric cars and how they have won their competitive advantages by developing a clear strategy and a strong supply chain.

En Agential Realistisk inspireret analyse af problemrepræsentationer af køn i mediedebatter om den...
Københavns Universitet (KU)

Ordet 'taberdrenge' er at finde i ikke så få avisoverskrifter inden for de seneste år. Ofte følges dette af udtalelser om, at drengene lider under, at folkeskole og institutioner er '(over)feminiserede'. Med afsæt specialet "Taberdrenge og feminiseret skole?

Københavns Universitet (KU)

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a chronic disorder resulting from autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing pancreatic β-cells in the islet of Langerhans. The cause of type I diabetes is thought to be a multistep precipitation of environmental factors in genetically susceptible individuals leading to an imbalanced T-cells distribution.

Konstituering af omsorgspraksisser i et SOSU-felt i forandring
Anne Rehder (2013)
Cand.Scient.Soc med speciale i kønsforskning
Københavns Universitet (KU)


Et studie af forestillinger og fortællinger om religion, etnicitet, sprog og kultur i en...
Københavns Universitet (KU)



On the basis of a long-term field work, the thesis explores the social interactions among a staff of nine employees in a day-care centre in Copenhagen comprising three employees of Muslim origins.

Cand. Mag. i Engelsk
Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

On the basis of concepts from 4E cognition and the analyses of two recorded instances of caregiver-infant events, the essay aims to offer an alternative to both Michael Tomasello’s view that intention-reading underpins learning ‘first words’ and counter arguments associated, above all, with the work of Larissa Samuelson and Linda Smith.

Religious Resolution and Reservation in Novels by Walker Percy, Flannery O'Connor and Cormac...
Cand. Mag i Engelsk
Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

The relationship between Southern writers and religion is the main focus in many critical surveys of Southern literature and will also be the general theme discussed in here. Having already mentioned her, it is perhaps already obvious that Flannery O’Connor is at the center of this essay.

A spatial analysis approach with focus on socioeconomic differences
Cand.scient i Folkesundhedsvidenskab
Københavns Universitet (KU)


En analyse af kundeloyaliteten samt effekten af loyalitetsprogrammer hos Føtex
Cand.Merc. EMF (Økonomisk Markedsføring)
Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

The consumers in the Danish consumer goods market have during the recent years become far more aware of price. The result of this has been increased sales in the discount supermarket chains.

Roskilde Universitet (RUC)
En undersøgelse af oversættelsen af ordspil i de danske og tyske undertekster til Sex and the CIty...
Aarhus Universitet (AU)
Matlab Programmering
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)

In this project a MatLab GUI is programmed to manipulate GPS data. Operations include
reading and saving from/to txt, csv and mat files and converting the GPS data into
Cartesian coordinates, as well as interpolation of the datasets using either

En tværfaglig analyse af rolleproblematikker i velfærdsstaten
Cand.soc. i politik og administration samt filosofi
Roskilde Universitet (RUC)

The master’s thesis integrates the subjects of public administration and philosophy and analyzes
the roles of the public servant in the Danish welfare state. It is based on conceptual framework
composed of the concepts of responsibility and social roles. It differentiates the concept of

Cultural Differences Affecting Knowledge Transfer & Management in Software Development
Marie Blønd (2011)
Global Project Management
IT-Universitetet (ITU)

The purpose of this report is to understand how cultural differences can affect transferring and sharing knowledge in the process of software development and how does an organization manage and prepare for this

Et studie af computerspil som læringsressource i folkeskolen med "Global Conflicts: Palestine...
Cand. mag. i Medievidenskab
Aarhus Universitet (AU)

Fra indledningen:

"Formålet med dette speciale ligger i forlængelse af disse erkendelser og orienterer sig mod den ambition, som indkapsles i specialets problemformulering:

Hvilke problemer og potentialer er forbundet med anvendelse af computerspil som læringsressource i folkeskolen?




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